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It’s my intention to inspire your excellence in leadership and teamwork!

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To identify barriers to performance, drive change, and measure the outcome of our interventions. I support you and your team to develop trust, establish open communication, build mutual accountability, perform under pressure, and encourage a strong team spirit.

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What we do

Bringing your teamwork and leadership to the next level

Executive Coaching

Make those individual changes that improve your effectiveness as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Let me empower you to make extraordinary things happen.
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Team Coaching

Collaborate as a team and jointly live up to the high expectations of key stakeholders.

Team Coaching

Let me empower your team to make extraordinary things happen.
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Leadership Development

Enhance the skills of executive and first-level leaders in a series of interactive workshops.

Leadership Development

Let me empower leaders of your organization to make extraordinary things happen.
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What we believe

My Philosophy
Coaching To Empower

Every human being has been blessed with unique talents and abilities; we all have excellence in us. People are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. In a team of individuals with complementary skills and healthy relationships, we find energy and inspiration.

I believe in people, I believe in dreams,
I believe in progress
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Sven Gade

Leadership Development Coach

Meet Sven Gade

I have been a leader in the corporate world of logistics for more than 25 years, mainly at DHL. I have been in charge of small sales teams and big operational entities. I have driven organizational change and guided diverse teams spread across the globe. I lived through many triumphs and some tragedies. These experiences taught me great lessons such as how to inspire, how to connect and how to empower people; and consequently, how to deliver results.

Passion is what drives us

Let me guide you and your team to new insights on how to think, feel, and act differently, and to deliver results


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I am always by your side!

As your coach, I am available for you as much as needed to jointly achieve the defined objectives. Our coaching engagement follows a proven method adapted to your specific needs. It’s my intention to inspire your excellence in leadership and teamwork.

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