Executive and emerging leaders are in a never-ending self-development process. They constantly deal with arising challenges which require them to make individual changes to be more effective and to achieve their professional goals.

They partner with LeaderTrip Coaching® as their catalyst for personal development, their sounding board in making choices, and their trainer in behaviors to succeed. Each coaching engagement is designed for the specific needs of the individual leader. 

Optional assessments are available to support the process, they are used for Personality Styles, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Strength, Conflict Modes, and 360 Degree Feedback. In our coaching dialogs, we typically work on topics like: 

  • Lead with integrity
  • Develop relationships
  • Communicate effectively
  • Influence stakeholders
  • Control emotions
  • Build resilience
  • Inspire performance
  • Manage time and priorities
  • Balance work and life
  • Achieve business results
  • Sven's understanding of leadership is extensive, as is his business experience. His experience as a coach, his organization and commitment are also phenomenal. But what makes Sven most effective is the care he demonstrates. I trust him completely, and he's helped me become a better CEO as a result.

    Marcelo Fujimoto Cofounder / CEO, Mandaê, Serviços de Consultoria em Logística S/A
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