From Blame to Collaboration

Working in a team can be challenging, especially when faced with setbacks. In these critical moments, emotions can escalate quickly. It is almost instinctive

The Impact of Casual Conversations

They meet again after eight years. Steve was Deborah’s boss-boss. After talking for a while, Deborah asks, ‘Do you remember the feedback you gave

Stress Redefined

How often do you feel stressed at work ? For many of us, stress is a constant companion. This is worrying ! Granted, we

Moving Forward After Mistakes

It happens. You made a mistake in the heat of the moment. Not a disaster, but you didn’t follow protocol. A colleague of yours


You’re under pressure because you definitely started this important project too late. How could that happen ? It’s understandable, given its size and complexity,

Unpleasant Emotions

During a performance review, George meets with Jennifer, his department head. While George’s evaluation is positive, Jennifer expected more and becomes emotional, shedding tears.

Open Mind

Your drive and determination have brought your project quite far. But then you encounter an unexpected roadblock, which brings everything to an abrupt halt.

Asserting Limits

Your plate is already full and now you’re faced with another project. It can be challenging to say no and prioritize your own interests.

Balanced Competencies

What is better: candor or diplomacy? The answer depends on the context, and in truth, both are indispensable for success. Although candor and diplomacy

Your Numbers

We all have aspirations we strive for, professionally or privately. Regardless of the objective, understanding your numbers is crucial. It’s not just about the

Team Purpose

You are leading other leaders. When you come together as a team, you notice that some individuals engage in turf battles, or try to

Right Direction

One of your direct reports has a plan for their upcoming project. You know it will not work out. You’ve been there, done it.

Breakfast Meeting

Ron, a charismatic leader, gathers his team and a few guests for their annual offsite meeting. Among the attendees is Nora, a dynamic leader

Performance Panels

It’s the role of a leader to nurture the growth of their team members. Conducting biannual performance reviews is a great practice, not to

Empathy Bar

Have you ever met somebody in your private or professional life who said ‘I just don’t have that much empathy’ ? Isn’t that a

Your Deadline

The situation at work has been persistently challenging for some time. You are experiencing a strained relationship with your boss, or an overwhelming workload,

Decision Continuum

This is what teams do when they get together, they make decisions. Some of them are rather tactical like the look of the new

Solicit Feedback

It is a good practice for leaders to conduct regular 1-on-1 meetings with their direct reports. The conversation serves the individual’s development, and the


Everything around us is the result of teamwork. The hairdryer we use in the morning, the chair we sit on during the day and

Mindset Matters

Your day is off to a great start ! You work from a clear action list and focus on the big rocks, the most

Human Connection

Who is in your circle of trust, circle of friends, circle of network partners? The human connection suffered during the pandemic. Today, we spend

Generational Diversity

We get together at work with a variety of age groups. And their views differ. And they don’t always understand each other. No wonder

Micro Commitments

We live in a fast-paced world and interact with many others, personally and electronically. As we go through our day, we are making a

Agenda Alignment

We spend so much time in meetings, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like a good investment of time. The reasons are manifold. Sometimes fundamentals

Reason for Change

The performance of your new team is mediocre, at best. Too many processes and routines are followed because ‘ we’ve always done it this

Tense Conversation

This will be a tough conversation ! The contributions of your colleague’s department are just not good enough and it needs to be addressed.

Mile 23

Mile 23 is tough for many marathoners. This is where they ‘hit a wall’, they are physically tired and feel they cannot continue anymore.


You could not settle this conflict. The conversation about your opposing opinions ended when your colleague felt offended and withdraw. This stands now between

Sleepless Nights

Lately, you often woke up at night and couldn’t fall asleep anymore ! You worry about what’s going on, the job that is at

Above the Line

A fine line separates success from failure. It needs accountability to be above the line. To get better, collect comments from your team on


Do you take time to reflect? You live the nonstop life: jumping from one zoom call to another, listening to podcasts while working out,

Personal Highlight

You feel down.  A series of incidents has bruised your ego. You don’t express it outside, but inside you feel less valuable, less important,


“Help, I need somebody !” Do you sometimes feel like the Beatles when they recorded this song in 1965 ? Because you are stuck

Feedback Culture

What happens inside of great teams ? Their members jointly believe in the concept of feedback as a fundamental lever to raise individual and

Meeting Overflow

New Year, more meetings ? Our schedules are already plastered with them, avoiding us to execute, reflect and plan properly. If we spend too


On the verge of a new year, we are making plans to achieve our goals and deal with the fast and furious environment around

Relationship Recovery

It has been tense between you and your colleague, and then you clashed. You know you can’t leave it at that. How can you


There is soft background music in the air. We almost don’t notice it, just the way the sound makes us feel, happy or gloomy.

Levels of Communication

Communication is not simple. We are in business to deliver results. Important meetings with customers or suppliers get thoroughly prepared. You even rehearsed how

Motivational Feedback

We all want to have a motivated workforce. But is that even possible in times of downsizing, resignation and a looming recession ? Small


Some people struggle with the turbulent environment they’re in. We hear them complaining: There is too much chaos, there is too little structure. True,


Your relationship with this colleague of yours has been really good, until something happened. The person that you trusted so much offended you big

Mental Playground

Some tasks are much less intriguing than others. We procrastinate or avoid them because they are boring, exhausting or annoying. These tasks will not

Fear of Failure

When fear gets in our heads, things get murky. We slow down and possibly get stuck. But not always ! Most likely you’ve already


The feedback was clear: “you need to be better organized with your team, otherwise you’ll miss to deliver the much-needed results at the end

Best Boss

Let’s go down the memory lane, on the professional side. Who has been your best boss ever ? You might have worked for this

Emotional Health

“How are you ?” A question asked superficially a million times every day. Can we make it bit more meaningful ? Many times, without

Task Allocation

It was one of those meetings. You had a great discussion with your colleagues, but two weeks later a lot of what you have


Yup, feedback is an essential tool to develop soft skills. But what if you disagree with the message you get ? You’re feeling unappreciated

Double Gaze

Are these really two types of people ? The strategist and the executioner. One sees everything that moves ‘in the game’ the other looks

Core Values

You have seen people making bold moves. Some quit their job without having the next one lined up, couples continue their marriage after they’ve

Work Environment

Since laptops started to replace the stationary computers, we are telling ourselves that we can work from anywhere. Let’s be honest. How much work

Serve Less

Writing down everything we have to do brings some order to the hustle and bustle of our lives. But at the end of the



You and your colleague are not working well together, you’re very different. You like to think things through, the other is criticizing you for


Group brainstorming is a common practice to generate creative and innovative ideas. But does it really work ? Be honest ! The rule of

10 Seconds

The fast-paced environment of your job thrills you. Every day is different. Each comes with a nonstop flow of exciting tasks. People like you

Mistrust Factor

Mistrust Factor

The last encounter with your colleague was difficult. You are not very happy about some of the comments made, the way you were treated.

Finger Pointing

Despite the great effort you and your team put in this proposal, you didn’t win the business. A little later you hear comments like:

Present Moment

It’s a tiny margin that sets the winner of a golf tournament apart from the rest of the players. To play a great game,

A Team

You’re sitting with your peers and your boss in your monthly meeting. It’s again anything but enjoyable. Some of you are fighting over resources,

Helicopter View

You’re strong, you are fully committed, and you don’t mind picking up the slack for others. But lately it has been just too much.

Private Trouble

Things are not going very well for you at home. Actually, it’s a crisis. And as much as you try to avoid it, it

Distractive Chaos

Distractive Chaos

This is how you are. Organized and structured. In everything you do, you have your ducks in a row. At the same time, you

Different Personalities

You don’t care when people don’t respond to your emails and just take it as a NO. You can live with it when people

Best Friends

And then there are people who say ‘I don’t need to be best friends with my colleagues’. What do they try to tell us


You want your people to go above and beyond. You cannot motivate anyone to do anything. But you can create an environment that invites.

Shared Wisdom

There is such an abundance of knowledge, skills and experience in a diverse team. But it is of no value, if it is hidden

Career Conversations

We all have career dreams. We imagine what to do at the pinnacle of our professional life and how it feels. The people you

LeaderTrip's Coaching Teamwork Matters

Teamwork Matters

Teams are the engines that drive successful organizations! But some of them seem to have forgotten for what they have been commissioned by their

LeaderTrip's Coaching Time Boxing

Time Boxing

You are with your kids, physically. But your mind is still pondering over your action list. Sounds familiar? It almost always takes us longer

LeaderTrip's Coaching Macro View

Macro View

Circumstances require you to respond quickly. Your boss is acting without delays, expecting your answers more or less immediately. Meetings with colleagues take unexpected

LeaderTrip's Coaching Collective Leadership

Collective Leadership

Have you ever seen cyclists riding as a team? They go in a paceline with the one in front taking the headwinds. After a

LeaderTrip's Coaching Old Buddy

Old Buddy

You haven’t spoken with her for a long time, you haven’t heard from him forever. They were your companions! You used to spend a

LeaderTrip's Coaching Shared Mindset

Shared Mindset

Today’s teams are more at risk to find themselves divided into subgroups because they are dispersed, diverse and digital. They can easily waste energy

LeaderTrip's Coaching Tightrope


When you come to Mallory Square in Key West a couple of hours before sunset, you can get amused by jugglers, fire eaters, escape

LeaderTrip's Coaching Accept


The environment you live and work in influences your performance; your office, your colleagues, the global economy. We can improve our performance by making

LeaderTrip's Coaching Breaks


How do athletes achieve the highest levels of performance in their type of sports? They exercise until they are exhausted. And then they take

LeaderTrip's Coaching Mantra


You have this exam, this interview, this customer meeting coming up. And for whatever reason disbeliefs are creeping in. It starts with ‘I should

LeaderTrip's Coaching Difficult Boss

Difficult Boss

Some of us have a difficult boss. Some are all over you, others are unapproachable. They can be impatient or disorganized. Nothing will change

LeaderTrip's Coaching Work and Life

Work & Life

The increased work from home came certainly with some challenges. However, it also opened up new opportunities to harmonize our private and work life.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Regrets of Dying

Regrets of Dying

Bronnie Ware has been a palliative nurse in Australia. Being grateful for the brief relationship with her patients she started to journal her conversations

LeaderTrip's Coaching What If

What If

Companies hire risk managers to develop procedures around what could possibly go wrong. They then teach us the steps to handle critical situations. We

LeaderTrip's Coaching Expectations


A year comes to a close that some of us started with really high hopes. We wanted to enter a new normal which brings

LeaderTrip's Coaching The Accuser

The Accuser

You made a mistake and you don’t feel very good about it. Then somebody else makes critical comments about your performance. Now you feel

LeaderTrip's Coaching Different Angle

Different Angle

What problems are bothering you? Take a quick break and look around you. How do those people that are more successful than others deal

LeaderTrip's Coaching Notes


This meeting happens for a reason. Maybe some of the participants learn from the others or the team wants to realign their project. During

LeaderTrip's Coaching Miscommunication


Communication is fundamental to collaborate and to succeed with our teams. It seems so basic and then often becomes such a complex undertaking. Any

LeaderTrip's Coaching Tug of War

Tug of War

The meeting with your colleagues is coming up. Next week, you’ll speak about the new market approach. The topic is controversial and in the

LeaderTrip's Coaching One Thing

One Thing

You worked so hard, but you don’t get this business off the ground. You approached new customers in various ways, you talked to so

LeaderTrip's Coaching Connected Team

Connected Team

Your colleague comes frequently to you asking for updates, you think she is aggressive. Another teammate is very silent, you think he doesn’t care.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Big Deal

Big Deal

You could have done that better. You missed the deadline to deliver what you promised and even forgot to let your customer know about

LeaderTrip's Coaching Delegation Gap

Delegation Gap

It has been a great meeting with your customer, now your team has to follow up. You explain succinctly the actions you expect everybody

LeaderTrip's Coaching Vegas Rule

Vegas Rule

A lot of things are going on in teams that serve them to raise their level of performance: failures, conflicts, non-productive behaviors. The more

LeaderTrip's Coaching Accept Change

Accept Change

The situation at work is significantly different than it has been just a few weeks ago. You could have seen that coming, you could

LeaderTrip's Coaching Fear of Conflicts

Fear Of Conflicts

Where there are teams, there are conflicts. We need conflicts. They are opportunities to improve our collaboration and they can lead to better solutions.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Exit Comfort Zone

Exit Comfort Zone

When we are in our comfort zone things are familiar and we are at ease. Why should you leave this place that typically treats

LeaderTrip's Coaching Overpromise


You were so certain that you announced boastfully something like “your job is safe”, or “you’re the next sales director”, or “we will fix

LeaderTrip's Coaching Internal Distraction

Internal Distraction

You need some quiet time to finalize this important piece of work.  And then in the middle of it you have a craving, tend

LeaderTrip's Coaching Overconfidence


Your business runs like a well-oiled machine, the numbers are looking great. Everything seems so easy, you’re thrilled. Enjoy this wonderful experience and keep

LeaderTrip's Coaching Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

When you need to make important decisions, a lot of voices pop up in your head, pulling you in all sorts of directions. Same

LeaderTrip's Coaching Wrong Job

Wrong Job

The writing was on the wall for quite some time, it just took you a while to see it ‘This job is not right

LeaderTrip's Coaching Positive Stress

Positive Stress

We hear these words so often from so many people ‘I am stressed’, usually expressed with a tone of despair. Stress does not have

LeaderTrip's Coaching Team Roles

Team Roles

Let’s look at the people you work with on your team. There is Andy, he is such a creative mind. Constantly coming up with

LeaderTrip's Coaching Find Joy

Find Joy

According to the movie ‘The Bucket List,’ the gods are asking the recently deceased two questions, one of them is ‘have you found joy

LeaderTrip's Coaching Distraction


Many people feel they have too much to do. When you then see them working, you find them in the middle of one thing

LeaderTrip's Coaching Thumb Voting

Thumb Voting

Team members find great solutions by exchanging their opposing views and opinions. But then, the decision-making can become cumbersome and frustrating, in particular when

LeaderTrip's Coaching New Team

New Team

When a team is not functioning very well the expectations are high on the new leader coming in. What is your approach to stepping

LeaderTrip's Coaching Daily Results

Daily Results

When you end your workday, you somehow feel positive about your performance – or not. How do you make these kinds of judgments? Some

LeaderTrip's Coaching All Of You

All Of You

Who are you? Working for company X. The director of Y. You are more than that! The loving mother, father, daughter, son. The individual

LeaderTrip's Coaching Big Decisions

Big Decisions

How do you make the big decisions in your professional and private life? You put together a business plan and compare the pros and

LeaderTrip's Coaching Lighthouse


You know how your future business should look like. The execution of your strategy is off to a great start but then something doesn’t

LeaderTrip's Coaching Thinking Matters

Thinking Matters

Your last project has been pretty rough at the end. Deadlines were missed, your boss was disappointed, and you burned more than once the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Strategy Artwork

Strategy Artwork

Often staff members feel they don’t know enough about their company’s direction even if senior leaders share fundamental information. Have you ever thought about

LeaderTrip's Coaching True You

True You

The relationships you have with the people directly reporting to you are essential for your success as a team. Don’t miss the opportunity to

LeaderTrip's Coaching Help Yourself

Help Yourself

You like your job and you’re really good at it. Your colleagues frequently ask you for help. They struggle with their workload and you

LeaderTrip's Coaching Take The Blame

Take The Blame

You work with your team to delivers results. You enjoy your achievements! But what happens when things go wrong? Look at yourself, you’re accountable!

LeaderTrip's Coaching Action Junkie

Action Junkie

There is so much going on, times are crazy! Are you caught up in busyness, constantly in action mode? Are there too many emergencies

LeaderTrip's Coaching Consistent Effort

Consistent Effort

Go back to any major project in your life that you’re really proud of. Skim through it. Were there any big events that made

LeaderTrip's Coaching Emotional Reaction

Emotional Reaction

This particular situation didn’t turn out very well, your colleague could have handled it much better. You have some good points for improvement and

LeaderTrip's Coaching High Standards

High Standards

Even though you could free up time for yourself, you are reluctant to delegate work to your people. Nobody can do it as you.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Proof Yourself

Proof Yourself

You’re the ‘new kid on the block’, joined your team just a while ago. You tried to connect with your new colleagues, but some

LeaderTrip's Coaching Dotted Lines

Dotted Lines

You are excited about the assignment given to you, at the same time you struggle with your role as leader of indirect reports. You’re

LeaderTrip's Coaching New Boundaries

New Boundaries

In the ‘old days’ we used to have defined work schedules. Nowadays laptops, cell phones, a global community, and work from homemade us non-stop

LeaderTrip's Coaching Trust Matters

Trust Matters

You are a subject matter expert, a real authority in your field. Your boss asks you frequently to advise colleagues, help them to find

LeaderTrip's Coaching Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

Whether you like Rocky or not, the story behind this movie is definitely remarkable. Sylvester Stallone had himself as the main actor in mind

LeaderTrip's Coaching Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Failure

You are committed, you want to do an excellent job. At the same time, you are worried that something could go wrong. You don’t

LeaderTrip's Coaching Words


The discussion with your team is going in the wrong direction. Slowly but surely you’re getting annoyed. You try to through in a few

LeaderTrip's Coaching Mental Picture

Mental Picture

Finally, you were able to escape your daily grind. You used the downtime to develop plans for your professional and personal future. Create an

LeaderTrip's Coaching Endless Season

Endless Season

Tis the season – and we wish each other joy these days. And what about the rest of the year? Let’s keep that holiday

LeaderTrip's Coaching Present Mind

Present Mind

Shortly after you have said or done something, you realize that you made a mistake. You think you have offended others, you have left

LeaderTrip's Coaching Accountability and Growth

Accountability and Growth

The responsibilities in your team are clearly distributed and the standards are well defined. You give immediate feedback when things go wrong, it’s short

LeaderTrip's Coaching Cheerleader


Marathoners know that everything gets harder after mile 18 when fatigue kicks in. They have their countermeasures, carbs, and water. But there is something

LeaderTrip's Coaching Massive Change

Massive Change

Our world flipped this year. Most of us were in denial first and then in resistance. Many complaints were made about the restrictions and

LeaderTrip's Coaching Discipline


You don’t only see them in the movies, they also appear in our everyday life, superwoman and superman. They have better results, and they

LeaderTrip's Coaching Unity


Teams can get off track to a point where no constructive dialog is taking place anymore and clashes between team members are almost the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Emotional Reasoning

Emotional Reasoning

You have prepared a fun activity to begin your next team meeting with, afterwards you will step in a deep strategic discussion that needs

LeaderTrip's Coaching Jungle Experience

Jungle Experience

Imagine you’re in the middle of a wild jungle, left to your own devices. The only person with you is somebody you have a

LeaderTrip's Coaching Blame Game

Blame Game

Teams come together with their goal in mind, they are expected to deliver results. What happens when something is going wrong for your team?

LeaderTrip's Coaching Big Projects

Big Projects

We know our big-ticket projects, they are right in front of us and still – we don’t even start working on them. The difficult

LeaderTrip's Coaching Control Your Mind

Control Your Mind

Somebody is putting pressure on you, treating you unfairly, requesting the impossible from you. You feel beaten, remorseful, or just helpless. You don’t have

LeaderTrip's Coaching Team Purpose

Team Purpose

When people feel a sense of purpose, they engage with one another. Help your team to stay connected by creating a powerful statement.When people

LeaderTrip's Coaching Meeting Facilitator

Meeting Facilitator

Your team and you have different opinions about some important points. You want an open exchange of contradicting views to come to a consensus.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Your team has screwed up, the impact on your customer is severe. The stakes are high and the emotions run wild. You have to

LeaderTrip's Coaching Broken Promises

Broken Promises

You run into people all day long, individually or jointly, in person or in calls. And more often than not you make promises. Some

LeaderTrip's Coaching Ten Minutes

Ten Minutes

Many of us are chasing through the day. Our agenda is tied, calls and meetings are scheduled back-to-back. There is really no time to

LeaderTrip's Coaching Real Teamwork

Real Teamwork

All teams aim to achieve something, tough some are much more successful than others. What is it? Just find the super-stars and let them

LeaderTrip's Coaching Blind Spots

Blind Spots

You have been around for quite some time, you know your stuff, and yet – you have your blind spots. Those are important aspect

LeaderTrip's Coaching Joint Assignments

Joint Assignments

The success of your team depends on a united effort towards the common goal. As a leader, you cannot force your team members to

LeaderTrip's Coaching Tears


As leaders we have to deal with disappointment, sadness and sometimes even tears of our people. The promotion that didn’t happen, the mediocre performance

LeaderTrip Coaching company logo

Feedback With Care

True leaders support individual growth. Providing feedback is an essential competence, it helps others to improve their performance. However, many struggles and shy away

LeaderTrip's Coaching Show Vulnerability

Show Vulnerability

We like to work with humble people! Those that have their own interest at the top of their list are just no good team

LeaderTrip's Coaching Performance Ritual

Performance Ritual

Is your job steady and uneventful? Most likely not! What are the incidents that are decisive for your success? The presentation to the ‘big

LeaderTrip's Coaching Decisions Are Emotional

Decisions Are Emotional

Ultimately all decisions are emotional, also in business! Of course, first, we collect all the pertinent facts and rational arguments to find our best

LeaderTrip's Coaching Big Goals

Big Goals

If you don’t allocate most of your time to your big goals you will fail to achieve them. Many of us are very busy,

LeaderTrip's Coaching Get Stuff Done

Get Stuff Done

Telling your people what to do simply doesn’t work. In the best case, you might get compliance, but you’ll never get engagement. Make your

LeaderTrip's Coaching Go Fever

Go Fever

The situation is critical, your team has to make a couple of important decisions, you need to act soon. Your boss presents the plan.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Work Schedule

Work Schedule

Now is the time to discuss with your colleagues’ new concepts of work. Most of us experienced high levels of flexibility and humanity over

LeaderTrip's Coaching Joint Accountability

Joint Accountability

We live in a complex world. You work in a team to solve complex problems and at times dealing with your peers can also

LeaderTrip's Coaching Bad News

Bad News

It is tough and it is part of their role, leaders have to get in front of their people and deliver bad news. It’s

LeaderTrip's Coaching In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight

As a leader you are in the spotlight, in good times and even more in bad times. Your people are observing you, every single

LeaderTrip's Coaching Communication Style

Communication Style

Some things get clearer in a crisis. Our individual preferences to communicate for instance. Some of your people need frequent human interaction, they thrive

LeaderTrip's Coaching Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Not only now, but at any time our jobs present us with all sorts of problems to work on. This is when we generally

LeaderTrip's Coaching Sleep


The last weeks have been tough. A lot of hard work lies behind you. How do you feel? Exhausted? Tired? Give yourself some rest.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Action List

Action List

Our days are unpredictable, they are full of surprises and we’re driven by the circumstances. Where do you go? Use your daily action list

LeaderTrip's Coaching Encourage Change

Encourage Change

The last weeks have created a lot of stress for many of us. Some are worried about their health, some are scared of financial

LeaderTrip's Coaching Team Charter

Team Charter

The way we work with our team is not as it has been before. Working from home is the new reality for most of

LeaderTrip's Coaching Crisis Mode

Crisis Mode

We are in crisis mode! It is a leadership moment. You need to make decisions without knowing how the business will look like in

LeaderTrip's Coaching Uncertainty


These are challenging times, things are changing on a daily basis! The uncertainty is scary, we are afraid of losing. Your immediate goals might

LeaderTrip's Coaching No Ego

No Ego

We all like to win, it feels really good. Losing doesn’t feel so good. In a sales role, we are expected to go out

LeaderTrip's Coaching Patience


Execution is your game and you’re going 100 miles per hour. This gave you a good reputation and your performance reviews confirmed your value

LeaderTrip's Coaching Learn From Successes

Learn From Successes

You know your objective. It’s challenging and you’re scared if you’ll be able to make it. This next presentation, a new project, an upcoming

LeaderTrip's Coaching Tired


There is a lot on your plate, you feel exhausted and tired. You think about quitting your job and looking for a better one.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Optimism


Your team goes through some tough times. Cost-cutting, restructuring, downsizing took a toll. The moral is down and faith in the joint mission is

LeaderTrip's Coaching Delegation


Your team is already busy with a lot of things when the next project lands on your desk. Can you give your people more

LeaderTrip's Coaching Constructive Interaction

Constructive Interaction

You have a pretty big-ticket to address. The discussion with your team goes well, you see everybody nodding. Great piece of work – you

LeaderTrip's Coaching Silos


You have all systems in place, processes have been thoroughly designed and carefully implemented. However, business results are below expectations. Chances are, that it

LeaderTrip's Coaching Multitasking


Busy times seduce us to do different things at the same time. Sending emails during a meeting, following a live chat while working on

LeaderTrip's Coaching New Hire

New Hire

You want to fill this opening quickly. You already interviewed a couple of candidates, however, none of them was a complete match. Don’t compromise

LeaderTrip's Coaching Mistake


You screwed up and disappointed those around you who clearly saw what happened. One way to deal with it is to cover up the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Joy


You managed to work less hours, achieved what is commonly called work-life-balance. But you still don’t feel at ease. There are too many to-dos

LeaderTrip's Coaching New Role

New Role

You just stepped into your new leadership role. What is your plan for the first 100 days? What worked before is not necessarily the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Switch The Channel

Switch The Channel

Are you paying attention to the mental chat that’s constantly going on in your head? What are you saying to yourself when things go

LeaderTrip's Coaching Stories Of Progress

Stories Of Progress

Your team is going through difficult times. Things have gone smoothly for quite a while, but now you have to deal with severe setbacks.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Diversity


You meet a new colleague. She is somehow different than the others you work with. You are not used to his kind of comments

LeaderTrip's Coaching No Coincidences

No Coincidences

You want to enter this new business segment. A bit later you meet this enthusiastic lady, let her know about your intentions. She introduces

LeaderTrip's Coaching Things Go Wrong

Things Go Wrong

You have all sorted out, you got your ducks in a row and you’re marching smoothly forward. This is great! Unfortunately, this is not

LeaderTrip's Coaching Lead From Behind

Lead From Behind

The vision for your team has been aligned and it has been communicated. The direction is crystal clear. What is next for you as

LeaderTrip's Coaching Hairpin Curve

Hairpin Curve

You’re doing your job already for a while and you ask yourself what’s next. Or you like what you do but you think it’s

LeaderTrip's Coaching Label Others

Label Others

For the first time, you meet a new colleague of yours. You listen to his story, but he has an awkward way to express

LeaderTrip's Coaching Best Team

Best Team

Teams come together to generate results. Period. But teams eventually fail to perform when distrust, finger-pointing, and blame creeps in. Take a break and

LeaderTrip's Coaching Culture


What is the culture of your organization? You cannot have NO culture! Most likely you have the company values displayed somehow openly in the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Journaling


There are so many emails sent out every day. And we all invest a lot of time in it. Sometimes only because it makes

LeaderTrip's Coaching Influencing


It happens all too often. We’re dealing with mediocre performance or imperfect processes until we have enough or see a better solution. We then

LeaderTrip's Coaching Listen


We all are born with the capability to listen. It helps us to learn a lot of things while we grow up. But then

LeaderTrip's Coaching Efforts and Results

Efforts & Results

You’re working on this project for quite some time. You still find things to do, even though the deadline has already passed. What are

LeaderTrip's Coaching Safe Environment

Safe Environment

Let’s face it, it’s human nature to look for safety. Your team is not different. They know that there is danger around them, but

LeaderTrip's Coaching Strength and Weakness

Strength & Weakness

Our strengths are also our weaknesses! If you are great at focusing on tasks, you might not show enough flexibility when it’s needed. If

LeaderTrip's Coaching Never Give Up

Never Give Up

To know your important goals doesn’t get you there. A full-hearted commitment is necessary to achieve them. However, when reality gets tougher than expected,

LeaderTrip's Coaching Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

You made your expectations very clear when you briefed your team. But then for whatever reason, they fail miserably to deliver the promised results.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Four Lenses

Four Lenses

It happens, things go wrong. How do you react when you’re unexpectedly in a traffic jam? See it as a problem: I’ll be late

LeaderTrip's Coaching Authenticity


Without any doubt, recognition and appreciation strengthen our self-confidence, it gives us extra energy. Nevertheless, don’t take it too far. Don’t try to be

LeaderTrip's Coaching Relevant Information

Relevant Information

Are you planning a bigger change for your team? Is it a restructuring? Are people impacted? What do they know yet? True leaders are

LeaderTrip's Coaching Working Well

Working Well

You’re doing a good job. But you want to bring your ‘game’ to the next level, want to do even better. Help yourself and

LeaderTrip's Coaching Skip Level Meetings

Skip Level Meetings

We’re all looking for high levels of employee engagement as they only breed winners. However, it can be pretty hard to get there. Have

LeaderTrip's Coaching Speak Up

Speak Up

Teams come together to make decisions. What do you do when the time has come and you still disagree or have serious doubts? Let

LeaderTrip's Coaching Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Every day we step into new circumstances of our professional and private lives. We then tend to judge quickly by looking through the lenses

LeaderTrip's Coaching Back Seat

Back Seat

You work with very qualified people but it seems that all eyes are always on you when it is about to scale up the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Bye-Bye

Bye – Bye

You assembled a great team and you’re making headway together. Then, surprisingly your ‘best player’ is letting you know about an attractive job opportunity

LeaderTrip's Coaching Data Collection

Data Collection

As we walk through our lives, we are getting to know better the person that we are. Every day is full of clues about

LeaderTrip's Coaching Relationship Quality

Relationship Quality

No doubt, we need strong interactions with others to drive our business results. But have you ever thought about the quality of your relationships

LeaderTrip's Coaching Obstacle or Opportunity

Obstacle Or Opportunity

In situations of change or whenever we face adversity, we have two possible perspectives. We can see the obstacle right in front of us

LeaderTrip's Coaching Re-energize


We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. Our full attention is requested in each of our roles – as a boss, colleague, family

LeaderTrip's Coaching Forgiveness


Did you have an argument with somebody else lately? Are you still holding a grudge against that person? Then it is likely that the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Let Go

Let Go

Trust is a key element of effective collaboration. But how can leaders establish a trusting environment? We can’t force anybody to trust us. It’s

LeaderTrip's Coaching Fear


Leaders know the risks along their way, the danger that is out there. They are not scared, make sure that their people are protected,

LeaderTrip's Coaching Collaboration or Competition

Collaboration Or Competition

You are fully prepared for your meeting, your objective is clear, all the arguments lined up. Then, halfway into your negotiations, you realize that

LeaderTrip's Coaching Well-being


You have a lot going on and you feel the weight on your shoulders. You are slowing down, you are just tired. You think

LeaderTrip's Coaching Courageous Communication

Courageous Communication

Communication matters! Teams of all kinds see it as a key factor for their success, at the same time many of them think they

LeaderTrip's Coaching Angry People

Angry People

We run into them in meetings, at the airport, on the phone: angry and unhappy people. They quickly start to poison their conversation with

LeaderTrip's Coaching Input Vs. Output

Input Vs. Output

Many organizations survey the engagement of their workforce. When the numbers are low leadership has to improve. It’s hard to manage employee engagement as

LeaderTrip's Coaching Positive Impact

Positive Impact

We all have our bad moments every now and then and sometimes it takes a while to deal with negative events in our lives.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Extra Effort

Extra Effort

They are around you, people in your network or in public who you look up to, who you think are simply outstanding. How about

LeaderTrip's Coaching Team Player

Team Player

Teams are created that people can work together and solve a pressing problem or achieve an important task which would not be possible for

LeaderTrip's Coaching Inner Voices

Inner Voices

There are two voices in our heads constantly talking to us. The ‘strategic You’ holds your vision, knows your direction, does all your planning.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Change is Permanent

Change Is Permanent

It is much harder to deal with change when we’re not in control when it is forced on us. What can we do? Always

LeaderTrip's Coaching Clear Standards


Great leaders create an environment of safety for their team. This is where creativity flourishes, new ideas are shared and people bring their full

LeaderTrip's Coaching Performance and Peace

Performance & Peace

As leaders, we are responsible for the performance of our team. While influencing everybody to deliver the expected results we run into all sorts

LeaderTrip's Coaching Top Priorities

Top Priorities

You work on the strategy to achieve your next big goal. All cards are widely spread on the table and the way to go

LeaderTrip's Coaching Unsolicited Advice

Unsolicited Advice

You know your stuff very well and you are eager to help others with your advice. How are your experiences? Some people are not

LeaderTrip's Coaching Unveil Conflicts

Unveil Conflicts

Conflicts are common, people have different views and opinions about something, but they need to find an agreement to jointly move forward. Conflicts are

LeaderTrip's Coaching Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership is about bringing together people to make something extraordinary happen. It is not a formal position or a title, it is competence. We

LeaderTrip's Coaching Personal Values

Personal Values

If you could invite seven people, living or not to an imaginary dinner party, who would you choose? What is the one quality or

LeaderTrip's Coaching Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries

Things are working well, very well. Everything seems so easy and you’re going at a high pace. But then when you begin to face

LeaderTrip's Coaching Complaints


Be honest, when did you complain the last time about something that happened to you? What was the outcome? Most likely nobody really enjoyed

LeaderTrip's Coaching Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership

As leaders, we delegate tasks and projects to our team members. But it requires people to be competent and committed to doing the job.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Atmosphere of Trust

Atmosphere Of Trust

Where trust is around great teamwork can arise. People in an atmosphere of trust admit their own weaknesses, help each other, and are more

LeaderTrip's Coaching Influence on You

Influence on You

You have come a long way since you started your professional career. Countless small steps helped you to become who you are today. Take

LeaderTrip's Coaching Personal Vision

Personal Vision

At times we struggle to make the right steps towards our bigger goals. All kinds of obstacles come to our minds. But with our

LeaderTrip's Coaching It's Not Personal

It’s Not Personal

We all know this situation: somebody makes a comment which criticizes us directly or indirectly. What do we typically do? We get upset, jump

LeaderTrip's Coaching Surpass Fear

Surpass Fear

Sometimes we stop growing and just remain where we feel comfortable. We might not realize it right away, but very often in those situations,

LeaderTrip's Coaching Emotional Energy

Emotional Energy

You spend in your job not only mental energy but also a lot of emotional energy. Think about the toll it takes to make

LeaderTrip's Coaching Decision Making

Decision Making

One very compelling reason for teams to meet is to make decisions. But very often the rules how to go about it are not

Coaching Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

What is your next strategic initiative about? Gaining new clients, stepping up the quality of service, introducing innovative products, implementing new technologies? Whatever it

LeaderTrip's Coaching User Manual

User Manual

You know how you work and how you want to communicate with others. But do the people you lead also know? Take just a

LeaderTrip's Coaching Good Arguments

Good Arguments

It can happen so quickly when the stakes are high. A heated discussion emerges because your opinions diverge from those of your colleagues. Don’t

LeaderTrip's Coaching Inspire With Feedback

Inspire With Feedback

It is a good leadership practice to give constructive feedback. What are we typically trying to achieve? We want others to do something different

LeaderTrip's Coaching Behavioral Change

Behavioral Change

We all have been there. We get feedback, we gain new insight and we realize that we need to change a certain behavior of

LeaderTrip's Coaching Perfectionism


You’ve achieved quite a lot by working hard and having high personal standards. However, are you at the same time also ruminating too much

LeaderTrip's Coaching Gain Time

Gain Time

We are all very busy in our business lives, often too busy. Do you suffer from an overload of work? You might actually do

LeaderTrip's Coaching People Business

People Business

Leadership is a people business! Nobody else has more impact on your people’s engagement than you do, nobody else has more influence on their

LeaderTrip's Coaching Biggest Successes

Biggest Successes

We all have been in those situations, where we seriously doubted to finish the project we’ve committed to. Everything seems to go against us.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Change Agents

Change Agents

There are these moments that clearly mark a step in our personal or professional development. Which ones were your most recent, which the most

LeaderTrip's Coaching Team Norms

Team Norms

It is fun to work with teams of highly motivated people. But it needs more than that. Teams need to bring the horsepower on

LeaderTrip's Coaching Joint Wins

Joint Wins

We love to compete in sports, it feels so good to win! But it’s also hard to see the sad faces of those who

LeaderTrip's Coaching Other's View

Other’s View

We get a lot of feedback, some is more formal other more casual and unsolicited. Positive feedback feels good but what if it is

LeaderTrip's Coaching Supportive Leaders

Supportive Leaders

Great leaders develop their employees, help them to see and reach their true potential. It’s all about your people! When they fail, give them

LeaderTrip's Coaching Win Plans

Win Plans

Why are some of us very successful in achieving our goals and others struggle and give up on their way too often? The attraction

LeaderTrip's Coaching Embrace Failure

Embrace Failure

We all fail from time to time. How do you take it? Are you getting stuck in the past, criticizing yourself worse than anybody

LeaderTrip's Coaching Judgement


It is so very common! People judge you after only a few seconds by the way you look, you talk, you act. Are you

LeaderTrip's Coaching Growth Zone

Growth Zone

What direction are you heading in the various aspects of your life? Follow your own goals, don’t live a life that others have designed

LeaderTrip's Coaching Your Strength

Your Strength

We all have excellence in us, our unique talents allow us to perform certain activities easily. But very often we struggle to see those

LeaderTrip's Coaching Team Values

Team Values

Cohesive teams work from a strong set of values and core principles. It is a great practice to make them visible in presentations or

LeaderTrip's Coaching Good Stress

Good Stress

Stress is all around us. A lot of us deal with it constantly, suffer from it, complain about it. Have you ever thought that

LeaderTrip's Coaching True Collaboration

True Collaboration

You are not progressing, can’t find a proper solution to your problem? Too often we are shying away from asking for help because we

LeaderTrip's Coaching The Toughest Mile

The Toughest Mile

You are eager to go the extra mile and exceed the expectations of others? Great! But then there is in almost every project this

LeaderTrip's Coaching Two Roles

Two Roles

As a leader, you have two very different roles to play when you meet with your peers and the leader you all report to.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Wake-Up Call

Wake-up Call

You work with a fantastic team and then it happens: they don’t perform as you expected, they fall back into old, less productive habits

LeaderTrip's Coaching Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

In a performance review, line managers rate the efforts of their employees against more or less defined criteria, share their views of what worked

LeaderTrip's Coaching Great Clues

Great Clues

How was the last performance review with one of your people? Have you been in a rush, did you talk business only?  Take the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Moments Of Joy

Moments Of Joy

How is your day so far, how was yesterday? What are the highlights and lowlights that you still remember? Very often we pay more

LeaderTrip's Coaching Your Footprint

Your Footprint

Is the purpose of your role clearly defined? How do you serve it? If your job becomes a patchwork of various tasks and you

LeaderTrip's Coaching Analysis Of Failures

Analysis Of Failures

We all fail from time to time and can learn from it. What did you take away from your biggest failures? How deep did

LeaderTrip's Coaching Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

You sent your people off to work on some challenging tasks, they left your conversation excited. Do you know where they are now? What

LeaderTrip's Coaching Making Promises

Making Promises

We make a lot of promises – every single day. There are the big ones like “you’ll get the business”, “you’ll be promoted” which

LeaderTrip's Coaching Feedback and Action

Feedback & Action

What if you get constructive feedback from others on your behavior and it doesn’t surprise you? A relief? Maybe not so much. If you

LeaderTrip's Coaching Decisions and Commitment

Decisions & Commitment

Have you ever been part of a team that couldn’t come to conclusions and kept arguing their individual perspectives for too long? Highly effective

LeaderTrip's Coaching Accept Reality

Accept Reality

It’s good to be active, constantly improve, and drive things forward. But there are limitations. We all will be confronted with situations that we

LeaderTrip's Coaching Step Back

Step Back

A strong leader guides a team to collective success. But what, if everything is dependent on this one powerful head, his ideas, her decisions?

LeaderTrip's Coaching Give Feedback

Give Feedback

Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating the performance of others. How do you approach your team meetings or the 1-on-1’s with your direct reports after

LeaderTrip's Coaching Room Of Creativity

Room For Creativity

Do you look for new solutions? Do you want to innovate a product or a process? There is enough creativity in all of us,

LeaderTrip's Coaching Your Best Version

Your Best Version

Have you ever thought about how the best version of yourself would look like? What is the footprint you want to leave behind? Schedule

LeaderTrip's Coaching Supportive Routines

Supportive Routines

Are you aware of your routines? They eliminate the thinking from any activity you perform frequently. Find once the perfect answer to questions like

LeaderTrip's Coaching Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success

What did your team achieve in the last days? How was it recognized by all others? Think about how football players cheer after a

LeaderTrip's Coaching Daily Plans

Daily Plans

You know exactly what you want to achieve today, this week, and this month. But do you also have a plan for it? We

LeaderTrip's Coaching Thank You

Thank You

Maybe the simplest way to improve employee engagement is to really acknowledge the efforts of your people. Respond not only to their big achievements

LeaderTrip's Coaching meeting With Outcomes

Meetings With Outcome

To how many meetings have you been last week? How often did you feel engaged? Team meetings, regardless of whether virtual or in-person are

LeaderTrip's Coaching Say No

Say No

So many people feel stressed, they claim that there are so many things going on in their life. And indeed, modern technology makes it

LeaderTrip's Coaching Steady Production

Steady Production

Isn’t it interesting, for every halfway decent production line we thoroughly plan the output by carefully weighing the available capacity and necessary changeover time

LeaderTrip's Coaching Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback

We all have something that is so important for us, that we just want to excel in it. Self-reflection allows us to improve. But

LeaderTrip's Coaching EveryBody is Different

Everybody Is Different

Successful teams work with a great mix of people. They contribute with different skills and talents to the whole so that it gets greater

LeaderTrip's Coaching Role Purpose

Role Purpose

It’s great to get a paycheck, but all of us also want to find meaning in the work we do. Ultimately, we’re looking for

LeaderTrip's Coaching Acts Of Kindness

Acts Of Kindness

Hurricane Irma has been devastating for many people in the Caribbean and Florida. Even in the safest place uncertainty and fear could easily creep

LeaderTrip's Coaching Becoming A Leader

Becoming A Leader

As managers we are busy to keep our business going, to solve problems, and sometimes to fight fires. It is about structure, processes, and

LeaderTrip's Coaching Big Rocks

Big Rocks

How will you start your workday tomorrow? Killing a bunch of emails? Jumping on the most urgent requests? Fight through a long list of

LeaderTrip's Coaching Make It Better

Make It Better

You have a goal, you have a plan, you go for it – but then you get stuck. Your people don’t embrace the new

LeaderTrip's Coaching Serve Yourself

Serve Yourself

What kept you busy last week? Most likely you served a lot of groups, your team at work, your customers, your manager, your stakeholders,

LeaderTrip's Coaching Triggers


Which emotions did you experience lately? We have them all the time, very often not even consciously recognized. But those negative emotions like anger,

LeaderTrip's Coaching Teamwork and Trust

Teamwork & Trust

Effective teamwork starts with trust amongst the various individuals one-on-one. It is nothing that can be forced on them, however, great leaders give their

LeaderTrip's Coaching Independence


Isn’t it great to get paid a decent salary for the job we’re doing? Well, without it, we would not be able to pay

LeaderTrip's Coaching Team Meetings

Team Meetings

How was your last team meeting? Was the outcome worth the time spent? Most likely it wasn’t if it hasn’t been interactive and the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Adaptability


We are all different and have our individual preferences to communicate. Be interested in others and understand their style of communication. When you adopt

LeaderTrip's Coaching Exciting Moments

Exciting Moments

Do you also believe that time is flying? The wheel of life is turning ever faster? Why don’t you work against this trend? What

LeaderTrip's Coaching Passion


Be serious, do you really like your current job? Or is there may be too little of this, too much of that? Sometimes we

LeaderTrip's Coaching Personal Commitment

Personal Commitment

Does this sound familiar: you attend a meeting, you interact perfectly with your peers, you’re making ambitious plans, you assign tasks – and then

LeaderTrip's Coaching Effective Teams

Effective Teams

As soon as a group of people works towards a common goal it becomes a team. But in most cases, by just pulling the

LeaderTrip's Coaching Action Plan

Action Plan

Sometimes our schedule gets overwhelming. In our professional and private roles, we have obligations and we’re making permanent commitments, some very small, some really

LeaderTrip's Coaching People Story

People’s Story

We meet new people every day, in our business and private lives. Are you interest in them? How do you connect? What do you

LeaderTrip's Coaching Non-negotiables


Teams can achieve ambitious goals when they establish strong connections among each other when everybody contributes and the whole is greater than the sum

LeaderTrip's Coaching Worst-Case Scenario

Worst – Case Scenario

We all had this situation before: everything is going smooth, exactly according to plan until suddenly an accident happens. Some are really bad but

LeaderTrip's Coaching Job fit

Job Fit

We all have unique talents that make us very special. However, sometimes people get into jobs that don’t play to their talents and they

LeaderTrip's Coaching Reasons For Conflicts

Reasons For Conflicts

We all work with various business partners and stakeholders. Sometimes we run into conflicts with them and progress slows down or becomes even impossible.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

We all want to live a happy life, also at work. Nevertheless, statistics show that average levels of employee engagement are fairly low in

LeaderTrip's Coaching Verbalize Feelings

Verbalize Feelings

Emotions are a big part of our lives, also in business! As much as we enjoy positive emotions, feel joyous, admired when we reach

LeaderTrip's Coaching Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a common practice to develop talent. But too often too much time is spent on the review itself, the correct evaluation

LeaderTrip's Coaching Your Brand

Your Brand

Brands distinguish one product from another. As leaders, we have a brand too. It’s built on people’s perception of us, not on our intentions.

LeaderTrip's Coaching Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Modern communication technique is both, a blessing and a curse. What urges us to stay tuned and constantly respond to the never-ending flow of

LeaderTrip's Coaching Better Relationships

Better Relationships

Business is built on relationships. But what if there is no good relationship with somebody? Too often we miss the opportunity to make a

LeaderTrip's Coaching Autonomy


The human fight for freedom has a long history. Professionals of all generations across all hierarchies have similar desires. Great leaders offer their people

LeaderTrip's Coaching Self-acknowledgement


Success starts in your head. Every day you deal with some setbacks while following your goals. It’s your choice to acknowledge yourself for all