Teams are the engines that drive successful organizations! But collaborating as a team and jointly living up to the high expectations of key stakeholders is not always easy. 

LeaderTrip Coaching supports teams to improve the interactions among their members and to address business issues that are critical to the team’s success. We work with the team as a whole, rather than focusing on individual performance. It is not about the ‘What needs to be done’, it is about the ‘How it can be done together’. This is more than a team building event. The applied methodology allows behavioral and cultural change over time. 

The coaching engagement typically starts with an assessment which reveals a portrait of how the team sees itself. It provides scores in 7 factors that optimize productivity and 7 factors that promote positivity. The diagnostics are used by the team to develop an improvement plan. In a series of coaching sessions, the team critically reviews the progress made, reinforces joint accountabilities, and develops essential behaviors while working on real business topics. The discussion allows to: 

  • Develop a team vision and find purpose
  • Create rules of working together
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Balance different personalities
  • Handle conflicts constructively
  • Find collaborative solutions
  • Establish trust
  • Honor commitments
  • Build a strong team spirit
  • Drive change programs
  • I was faced with a situation where I needed to improve my team’s engagement and drive positive active leadership. Sven’s proposal after hearing what I wanted to achieve was the most tailored to our needs. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. After Sven’s coaching sessions my team’s engagement and active leadership scores had improved the first year but in the second year had been the best the company has ever seen.

    David Tikasingh VP CFO CSI/ GBS Americas, DHL
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