Coaching Model

LeaderTrip Coaching model

Bringing You Where You Want To Be

The LeaderTrip Coaching model is a proven process that serves as a basis for each of my coaching assignments. Picture your team or yourself traveling on the road of your business development. The coaching model is our compass, it will bring you from where you are today to where you want to be, no matter how curved the roads of our trip might be.

The process consists of the below five consecutive phases. It is completed by a variety of coaching tools to intensify the learning experience. We will align our approach at the onset of our joint project considering your unique situation.

“Sven’s structure, style, and process work! His ability to relate, create trust was the key to my success. Sven is focused on aligning with my goals. He sees my absolute satisfaction as his measure of success.”

Ryan Hickler College Recruiter, MAGIC LEAP, INC.

Expect the Following From Your Coach:

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