All people have excellence in them; they have unique talents and abilities. Magic can happen when our purpose, our passion and our talents are aligned. By steadily improving our self-awareness we are able to experience us as the special human being that we are. The clarity of our values, beliefs and personal style give us confidence. Realizing how we show up at work and in our communities enable us to identify the changes which will unlock our full potential. Meaningful connection with our people is our inspiration and a source of energy on our lifelong journey.


We all have dreams how we want our personal future to be. They are imaginative and fascinating. We can have multiple dreams and when we hold on to them, they will bring pictures to our mind and we see us acting in scenes of our desired future. This leads us to our very own personal vision! It is a given that dreams never come true easily. Some research and reality checks are needed to convert them into concrete goals and actions, but we should never stop pursuing them!


Progress connects people with their dreams. The commitment to steadily move forward in this direction makes us the true leaders of our lives. Our self-driven individual development requires us to learn and practice new skills, to overcome challenges and sometimes to make life-changing decisions. Every single achievement en route our personal fulfillment, no matter how big or small, makes this journey of growth extremely satisfying and rewarding. When we take care of ourselves and constantly regenerate our energy we will stay in motion for good.

  • Sven is a great coach to say the least. His powerful questioning gets you thinking at a deeper level to allow for greater self-awareness and critical breakthroughs.

    Melanie Ventura Thrive Team Leader